Dahlia Diaries – the second

I’m up early and the household is still asleep, so I nip out to the allotment. I owe somebody a bunch of asparagus, so I have a good excuse.

And what a treat it is! It’s a beautiful morning with a blue blue sky that makes you want to sing. I don’t, of course, but I do find myself humming. I am quite alone in the world – none of the old boys have made it down yet. Just me and a gang of chattering goldfinches. It’s all happening here – the apple trees are in blossom, the asparagus is up and the broad beans have enjoyed a spurt. There are even some potatoes showing. Weeds too – I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me.


And, joy of joys, a peony bud! Swelling in the morning sun, ripe with potential. The dahlia tubers are appearing too. No sign yet of the ones that stayed in the ground over the winter – I fear the worst for them and have made a mental note not to do the same this year. Excitingly, the ones planted from seed are going great guns back at home. I had to bring them indoors again because they were being ravaged by the snails – they’ve also done for the sunflowers and the cabbage. But the sweetcorn shoots, tough as old boots, are safe from the hungry gastropods and will be ready to plant out soon.




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